how our planet creates gems, metals, and power/energy

This will probably be an interesting series – about how our planet creates gems, metals, and power/energy.

Treasures of the Earth: Gems
What processes in the depths of the Earth forge beautiful and precious stones?
Airing November 2, 2016 at 9 pm on PBS

Program Description
Their beauty has captivated us for millennia. Their cost can be extraordinary–some are even considered priceless. Precious gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, opal, and jade are the ultimate treasures of the earth, and each one is made from a specific–and often torturous–recipe of chemistry, pressure, and heat. The secrets to their sparkle, color, and even strength lie deep inside the gems themselves, but could they also hold clues to one of the most enduring mysteries in the field of geology? From Tiffany’s workshop in New York to the sapphire mines of Sri Lanka, from North Carolina’s emerald fields to the jade-laden Forbidden City of China, join NOVA in the first episode of a 3-part series, “Treasures of Earth,” as we explore the fascinating science of gems.

Treasures of the Earth
How have Earth’s most extraordinary natural resources driven the rise of civilization?
A three-part series airing November 2, November 9, and November 16 on PBS at 9pm.

Program Description
“Treasures of Earth: Gems, Metals, and Power” is a 3-part series that will take us on a journey deep inside Earth to uncover the mysteries of how these treasures were created, and to explore how they have allowed humankind to progress and build our great civilizations. But even as that quest continues, we are discovering that some of our treasures may soon run out or have unintended consequences that bring new perils. Can our ancient treasures reveal new secrets that will help us solve the problems we face today?

how our planet creates gems, metals, and power/energy
how our planet creates gems, metals, and power/energy

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