Chunky statement necklace stone metal heavy black brown oriental writing on disc

This is a fav of mine. Please look & respond if you think know the designer. .

Great pre-owned *chunky statement * with large round stones which may be jade & are greenish/gray & engraved, rust colored flat stones, smaller round black stones & round metal discs that have what looks like Asian writing. Heavy 6 ozs. Excellent pre-owned condition.
Available for purchase ($18 to start, auction [6 days left] + $5.70 S&H). Item at ~ ‘chunky’ is the 4th Featured Item (furthest to right). or URL

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Amazon Is Considering Making Its Own Private Label Clothing Lines

Amazon Is Considering Making Its Own Private Label Clothing Lines

What would an Amazon Fashion line look like?

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Character and Respect for Entrepreneurs

I appreciate the people who have the character to respect the struggle of an entrepreneur.
Thank you,

Of course, I can do things for you.  But, sometimes I feel like a ‘little bunny’ entrepreneur. ☺

If I weren’t so tired from working, I would laugh when people ask how many hours I work. 😞

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